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Holi Organic Colours - Pack of 4 colors (Quilled Basket)

Holi Organic Colours - Pack of 4 colors (Quilled Basket)

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Eco-Friendly Holi Celebration with Organic Colors and Quilled Baskets

Experience a truly memorable Holi celebration with our exquisite Holi Organic Color pack, elegantly presented in beautifully hand-rolled quilled baskets. This pack includes a harmonious blend of four vibrant colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Nature's Finest Ingredients for Safe Fun

Our eco-friendly herbal colors are meticulously crafted from 100% organic and natural sources, including vegetables and various plant parts such as Haldi, Kumkum, Beetroot, Indigo flowers, Rice, and Arrowroot. These colors are not only safe for you and your loved ones but also gentle on the environment.

Thoughtful Packaging

Enhance your Holi experience with the charm of quilled baskets. Each basket is handcrafted with intricate details and rolled with care, adding an extra touch of elegance to your celebrations. The packaging itself becomes a delightful part of the festivities.

Easy Cleanup, Sustainable Joy

Celebrate Holi without worry about extensive cleanup. Our herbal colors are designed to require 50% less water for washing off, making your post-celebration routine environmentally conscious and hassle-free.

Dimensions and Details

Each pack contains four colors, with 25 grams of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green), thoughtfully arranged in a quilled basket. The dimensions of the pack are 6x6 inches, offering you an ample supply of colors for a joyous celebration.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing Nature

As you celebrate Holi, do so with a deep appreciation for tradition and nature. Our Non-Toxic Herbal Organic Perfumed Gulal allows you to enjoy the festivities while upholding the values of sustainability and well-being.

Celebrate with colors that reflect purity, creativity, and respect for our environment. Create cherished memories and share the magic of Holi with those you hold dear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Worth it... Go for it...

Awesome colors.. worth every penny... Thank you for making my holi safe and enjoyable...


Can red color replaced by orange

Hi Midhun,

Thank you for contacting us.

Yes you may choose any 4 colors (Red, Blue Green, Yellow, Pink or Orange). Just leave a small note after placing the order (if you have any color preference) if those colors will be available, we will pack the same colors for you.

Ajay Mishra
Bright colors

the colors are bright and packed beautifully. Excellent Holi gift. Timely shipping too

Good quality

Fast shipping, good quality, thank-you!