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Saree - Goddess Laxmi Mithila Painting Cream color

Saree - Goddess Laxmi Mithila Painting Cream color

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Handpainted mithila painting of Goddess Laxmi on saree.

Madhubani painting is famous folk art of Bihar, a state in India. Initially it was practised on walls and floors of the house but of late this art is also being used to decorate clothes and upholstery.
It takes a lot of practice to make this painting on clothes as this is free hand art and no stencil is used to draw. Popular themes that are painted include Hindu mythological stories, Alpana and day to day rituals.
The intricate line work used to fill the motives is known as Kachni and this work needs a lot of practice. Artists use bamboo pen, metal nib, and old cloth rags to make this painting.

Theme: Goddess Laxmi
Material: Tassar Silk

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