Lac Bangles - Maroon (Set of 2) - Ahaeli
Lac Bangles - Maroon (Set of 2) - Ahaeli

Lac Bangles - Maroon (Set of 2)

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Elegant Maroon Lac Bangles Embellished with 5 Lines of Maroon and Golden Semi-Precious Stones

Discover the allure of our maroon lac bangles adorned with intricate arrangements of maroon and golden semi-precious stones. These bangles epitomize timeless beauty and traditional craftsmanship, harmonizing the richness of maroon lac with the opulence of delicate stones.

Craftsmanship and Creation of Maroon Lac Bangles

Our maroon lac bangles are lovingly created through a meticulous process, starting with natural lac that is heated and colored using a precise technique. Normal lac is generously applied onto a wooden rod and shaped into a cylindrical form by rolling it across a flat surface. The lac is then slowly heated over a coal burner, continually pressed and smoothed on a flat iron plate with a wooden tool. Simultaneously, colored lac is heated and evenly spread by rubbing it onto the lac base. After the color is infused, the lac is transformed into a thin coil and cut from the plain lac rod.

Intricate Embellishments of Semi-Precious Stones

The beauty of these bangles is elevated by the addition of maroon and golden semi-precious stones meticulously arranged in 5 lines. Each stone is chosen to perfectly complement the maroon lac, resulting in an intricate and captivating design. Applying the stones requires heating them over a tin plate on a small burner, causing them to melt and adhere to the lac surface upon cooling. This process demands exceptional precision to ensure every stone is impeccably positioned.

Preserving the Splendor

To safeguard the brilliance of these maroon lac bangles with maroon and golden semi-precious stones, it is advised to prevent exposure to water, organic chemicals, and direct heat. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the lasting magnificence and allure of your bangles.

Indulge in the beauty of tradition and artistry with our maroon lac bangles embellished with 5 lines of maroon and golden semi-precious stones. Each bangle is a testament to the dedication and skill that goes into crafting intricate and breathtaking jewelry pieces. Elevate your collection with these bangles that embody timeless elegance and charm.

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