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Lac Bangles - Maroon (Set of 12) - Ahaeli

Lac Bangles - Maroon (Set of 12)

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Radiant Maroon Lac Bangles Adorned with Semi-Precious Stones

Elevate your elegance with the mesmerizing charm of our Maroon Lac Bangles, exquisitely adorned with dazzling semi-precious stones. These bangles are a true embodiment of opulence and traditional artistry, with each stone meticulously placed to create a captivating three-line design.

Intricate Craftsmanship with Natural Lac

Our bangles are a testament to skillful craftsmanship, with natural lac serving as the base material. Colored lac is meticulously applied through a process involving heating and shaping. Ordinary lac is generously applied onto a wooden rod and rolled over a flat surface to craft a cylindrical shape. The lac is then slowly heated over a coal burner and expertly pressed and rolled over an iron plate using a wooden tool. Colored lac is heated simultaneously and applied evenly by rubbing it onto the base lac. After the color is applied, the lac is reshaped into a thin coil and delicately cut from the plain lac rod.

Embellishments that Enchant

The embellishments on our bangles are a testament to the artistry of traditional jewelry making. Pearls, semi-precious stones, mirrors, and beads are thoughtfully selected to enhance the allure of each bangle. The intricate process of applying stones involves heating them over a tin plate on a small burner. As the stones melt the lac surface, they adhere after cooling. Each stone is placed with great precision, ensuring a stunning and harmonious design.

Preservation and Care

To maintain the luster and allure of these Maroon Lac Bangles, it is advisable to avoid contact with water, organic chemicals like perfume sprays, and direct heat. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your bangles continue to shine brilliantly and enchant for years to come.

Experience the opulence and timeless beauty of our Maroon Lac Bangles, adorned with semi-precious stones. These pieces exemplify the intricate craftsmanship and elegance of traditional lac jewelry, a testament to the artistry that goes into creating each unique piece. Explore our collection today to add a touch of tradition and sophistication to your jewelry ensemble.

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