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Lac Bangles - Red Flower (Set of 10)

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Lac Bangles - Red Flower (Set of 10): Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Floral Elegance

Our Red Flower Lac Bangles, offered as a set of 10, are a testament to exquisite traditional craftsmanship infused with floral elegance. These bangles are meticulously crafted from natural lac, imbued with vibrant hues through a precise and time-honored process. Here's a glimpse into the artistry behind these enchanting creations:

The Craftsmanship with Natural Lac

The process begins with natural lac, which is used as the base material. Ordinary lac is generously applied to a wooden rod and carefully rolled over a flat surface, shaping it into a perfect cylindrical form. The lac is then slowly heated over a coal burner and expertly pressed and rolled over a flat iron plate, guided by a wooden tool. Simultaneously, colored lac is heated and evenly applied by gently rubbing it onto the base lac. Once the color is harmoniously infused into the base lac, it is shaped into a thin coil and delicately cut from the plain lac rod.

Embellishments that Inspire

Our Red Flower Lac Bangles are adorned with intricate embellishments, a hallmark of traditional jewelry making. Pearls, semi-precious stones, mirrors, beads, and more are thoughtfully selected to enhance the allure of each bangle. The meticulous process of applying stones involves heating them over a tin plate on a small burner. As the stones warm, they melt the lac surface, creating a secure bond upon cooling. Each stone is delicately placed one at a time, showcasing the precision and skill of our craftsmen.

Preservation and Care

To preserve the timeless beauty of your Red Flower Lac Bangles, we recommend avoiding contact with water and organic chemicals, such as perfume sprays. Additionally, protect them from direct heat sources to maintain their exquisite appearance.

Experience the enchanting blend of tradition and floral elegance with our Red Flower Lac Bangles. Explore our collection today to elevate your style with these masterfully crafted pieces.

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