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Holi Organic Colours - Paper Mache Favor Box - Ahaeli
Holi Organic Colours - Paper Mache Favor Box - Ahaeli
Holi Organic Colours (100 Grams) - Ahaeli

Holi Organic Colours - Papier Mache Favor Box

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Holi Organic Color: Embrace Natural Joy and Vibrancy

Experience the enchanting spirit of Holi with our Holi Organic Color, a celebration of vibrant hues crafted from nature's goodness. This pack offers a joyful assortment of four captivating colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Nature's Palette, Safe and Organic

Our Holi Organic Color is a testimony to nature's brilliance. Made exclusively from organic and natural ingredients such as Haldi, Kumkum, Beetroot, Indigo flowers, Rice, and Arrowroot, these colors are a true reflection of purity and eco-friendliness. They are completely non-toxic and safe for everyone, including children.

Gentle on Skin, Gentle on Earth

Dive into the festivities without worries about skin irritations or environmental harm. Our organic colors are lovingly crafted to provide a smooth and delightful experience, leaving you with colorful memories and a clean conscience.

Pack Options for Your Convenience

Choose the pack that suits your celebration best:

  • 100g Pack: Contains 25g of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
  • 200g Pack: Contains 50g of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
  • 400g Pack: Contains 100g of each color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)


Our Holi Organic Color packs are elegantly presented in dimensions of 6x6 inches, making them perfect for gifting, sharing, or enjoying yourself.

A Greener Way to Celebrate

Celebrate Holi with a conscious touch. Our organic colors require 50% less water to wash off, contributing to water conservation efforts and making your festivities even more environmentally responsible.

Unleash the Colors, Unleash the Joy

With Holi Organic Color, you're not just embracing colors; you're embracing a way of celebration that harmonizes with nature. Let the vibrant shades and natural essence ignite your festivities, creating cherished moments that are as pure as the colors themselves.

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